Sailing area Denmark

The sailing area of Denmark

If you look at the different sailing areas in Europe and compare them with each other, you will use different “objective” criteria to find a ranking for yourself.

This is a good way, rationally speaking, to be sure that the next sailing trip will be the best.

But that is absolute nonsense!
(Unless, of course, the Baltic Sea comes out in the process…)

Once you have sailed through the Danish South Seas, you will not envy anyone who, in 35 degrees and calm, is curing a sunburn in the shade of a bar in an overpriced marina in the Mediterranean.

In short, it is the most beautiful sailing area you can imagine! The Baltic Sea, and especially the waters around the islands of Funen and Zealand, offer both a high recreational value and a challenging sailing area. You can have everything here: Sunburn, calm, westerly wind, rain, rushes and incredible sunsets and the most beautiful white clouds on a blue sky.

The harbours are small, cosy and manageable. There are few luxury customers walking across the jetty, the Danes are friendly and endearing people.

According to these objective criteria, there is only one leading sailing area: the Baltic Sea in Denmark!

Varied holiday in Denmark

Denmark is the smallest and at the same time the southernmost country in Scandinavia. The sea-embraced state consists of 407 islands, of which about 80 are inhabited. Of the approximately 7,300 kilometres of coastline, more than 5,000 kilometres offer guests numerous opportunities to spend a varied holiday. Chilling, relaxing, sunbathing are as much a part of it as many sporting activities with sailing, diving, swimming or surfing. But it’s not only the beach destination that makes Denmark a popular holiday destination – cycling, hiking through unique nature and side seeing should also be included in holiday planning. The country offers plenty of opportunities for families with children, sportsmen and women and anyone who wants to enjoy something special.

Beach holidays in Denmark

Both on the Danish Baltic Sea and the North Sea, holidaymakers can expect to find countless beaches where they can slow down so wonderfully – but also experience a lot of action. The most popular beaches in Denmark include

Sondervig Strand North Sea
Blavand Strand North Sea
Blokhus Beach North Sea
Saltum Beach North Sea
Romo Beach North Sea
Hen Beach North Sea
Marielyst Beach Baltic Sea
Bisnap Beach Baltic Sea
Amager Strandpark Copenhagen
Hou beach Baltic Sea
Kerteminde North Beach Baltic Sea

Thanks to an excellent infrastructure, each of these enchanting places is easily accessible and offers individual options for every visitor. Directly by the sea and also on the promenades, holidaymakers will find excellent opportunities to fortify themselves with cool drinks or tasty snacks.

A trip to the islands – always worthwhile

With some time in your luggage, stays on the numerous islands are always a worthwhile destination. Of course you should also think about spending your entire holiday there. Well-known, glamorous and hospitable – this is how the sunny island of Bornholm presents itself. Approximately 135 kilometres from the Danish mainland and only 35 kilometres from Sweden, the island offers everything that simply belongs to a holiday. Sun, beach and sea – but also long gorges, a slightly hilly moraine landscape and heaths and moors where you can admire millions of migratory birds characterise Bornholm and make the island one of the most popular holiday destinations in Denmark.

Jutland, located in the western part of Denmark, also attracts visitors magically. In addition to long, white beaches, flat landscapes, beautiful nature and the Wadden Sea Nature Park characterise the chic island. If you are interested in cultural information, you can sniff the history of the Vikings in the Viking Museum or walk along the seafarers’ trade routes along the sea. For kids, the only real Lego land in the city of Billund is of course the highlight par excellence. The theme park is all about fun, including a miniature world of hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks. For art lovers, we recommend a trip to Aarhus, the capital of Jutland and Denmark’s second largest city. It’s a more tranquil place – at least compared to Copenhagen. In addition to important museums, you will find an opera house, a symphony orchestra and a municipal theatre.

A special hotspot awaits holidaymakers in the southern Baltic Sea of Denmark. Also known as the country’s South Seas, the islands of Funen, Zealand, Lolland and Mon.

On Funen, the first place to visit is certainly Odense, where the birthplace of the famous Danish fairytale poet Hans Christan Andersen is located. In the modern museum, children will have a lot of fun because the famous fairytales are presented interactively. Numerous castles and manor houses are tourist hotspots, as are the beach and the sea, where many maritime activities such as sailing and sea kayaking are available.

Denmark’s largest island, Zealand, also has plenty to offer holidaymakers. The island is connected by bridges to Funen and the Swedish mainland. Here you will find the Arresee, Denmark’s largest lake. Surrounded by the sea and dunes, the beaches are especially child-friendly, where parents can enjoy a relaxed and exciting time with their children. For fans of old Nordic cultures, we recommend a visit to the Viking ship museum in Roskilde or the Viking castle in Trelleborg. Here the historical witnesses are omnipresent. Magnificent Renaissance castles, modern museums and a host of bars, cafés and exciting locations round off the picture of this popular holiday island.

Copenhagen – a “must see”

Of course, the Danish capital should never be missed out on a holiday in Denmark. Attractive sights, chic promenades and a wide variety of activities are guaranteed. The “little mermaid” is certainly known to most guests. But what other attractions are there?

100-metre-high town hall tower with a view over the entire city
Tivoli – ancient amusement park
Bakken – 400 year old theme park with free entrance
Castle Museum
Museum Erotica
Christianshovn quarter with the hippie free state of Christina

But even royal fans get their money’s worth here. After all, the Danish royal house is located in Amalienborg Castle in the middle of Copenhagen. When the flag is raised, visitors and locals alike know that the kings are at home.

Sailing area Denmark

Sea wherever the eye looks, several thousand kilometres of coastline, fjords and hundreds of small islands – it is clear that Denmark is one of the most popular sailing destinations of all. The perfect time for a varied sailing trip is between May and September. Constant wind conditions, plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures ensure the best conditions. Around the Scandinavian country, skippers will find more than 160 marinas, which are excellently equipped. Those who do not only want to actively participate in sailing sports can take part in numerous exciting sailing regattas, which enthuse the fans at the best sailing time.